Line for packing
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Line for packing
  • 1)Feeding container
  • 2)Packer
  • 3)Receiving stacking table
  • 4)Control cabinet
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Parameter's or size's name The value or setting
Рurpose and composition The line consists of a packer and drive / non-drive tables. It is designed for automatic / semi-automatic packaging of packs of finished products (flat sheet, metal, siding and other .) With a pallet, or without
Description The packer is a frame on which carriages move with installed bobbins. The pack comes from the feeder to the receiving table (roller conveyor or conveyor) with a sequential winding with a stretch film.
Number of operators 1
Drive Elektromechnica, worm gear motor
Fixed power (capacity) of the line 1,5
Control cabinet It is installed on the unit with an additional remote control for controlling the drive
Operation mode semiautomatic machine

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