Line for metal screed strip and spackling angle production
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The line produces various types of profiles which are wide-used in construction industry for: plaster works, outer corners, and smoother walls.

Line for metal screed strip and spackling angle production
  • Decoiler – 1 pc
  • Stamping press – 1 pc
  • Roll forming machine – 1 pc
  • Cutting off device – 1 pc
  • Receiving stacking table – 2 pc
  • Control cabinet – 1 pc
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  • Description
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Parameter's or size's name The value or setting
Treated material Galvanized sheet steel from continuous lines or aluminum (domestic or imported production)
Thickness of treated material 0,4-0,6 mm (screed strip); 0,3-0,5 mm (spackling angle)
Breadth / width of the work part 30; 38 mm (screed strip); 42 mm (spackling angle)
Speed of profiling 15 running meter/minute
Cutting accuracy ± 2 mm
Type of roll forming machine Console
Type of the cutting off device Pneumatic, fixed
Type of decoiler Cantilevered, driven
Lifting capacity of decoiler 500 kg
Type of stamping press Electromechanical
Operation mode Semiautomatic machine
Drive Electromechanical, worm gear motor
Feeding Chain
Maximum length of the sheets received by the receiving stacking table 4000 mm
Control cabinet Secures automatic work of the line after loading the material in the shape-forming mill; equipped with frequency converter
Maintenance personnel 1-2 persons
Fixed power (capacity) of the line 4 kW

Line for metal screed strip and spackling angle production

This line designed to produce various range of profiles, widely used for finishing works in building industry, such plaster works for outer angles and walls smoothing.

As a workpiece can be used pre-perforated material, or workpiece can be perforated during line operation by press-automat with interchangeable punches.

Our line is multi-purpose with a console two-stream design, so it is possible to produce several profile types with a minimal changeover.

We guarantee high-quality finished products due to the automatic control system.Process accuracy tracking system allows you to control end product conformity to specified requirements and adjust equipment operation mode to increase production efficiency.

Optional equipment:

  • Additional rolling cage.

  • Stamps doublers.


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