STARTUP metal fences- best for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • STARTUP metal fences- best for small and medium-sized businesses.

Europrofline offers the easiest and most reasonable Start-Up idea for small and medium-sized businesses in the new 2017’s season: complete set of equipment for production of pale metal fences and posts. Our equipment will help burgeoning entrepreneurs to start production and organize the delivery of high quality and durable fence for the clients.

Pale metal fences is a stellar choice for enclose of summer cottages, suburban and industrial areas. Metal fence is easy to transport, store and mount, its installation not require hard skills and special equipment.


Features and advantages of pale metal fence produced on equipment from Europrofline:


Long life cycle. The pale metal fence is produced from galvanized sheet metal with protective/decorative polymer coating. Such fence does not change in appearance, looks attractive and neatly for a long time.

Easy installation. It is not necessary to have special skills and use special tools to install pale metal fence around summer cottage or suburban.

Variable height. Depending on the enclosing purpose and buyer preferences it is possible to choose the optimal height of metal fence. So, for children's playgrounds usually used the lowest fence, higher fences are used for cottages and industrial facilities.

Ease of storage and transportation. Pale metal fence stored in stacks small in width, so during transportation and storage it takes up minimum space.

Imitation of traditional fence. On form and installation principle pale metal fence associates with a traditional wooden fence. It looks harmoniously among countryside houses and gives a certain charm to the urban buildings.

Does not require post-construction maintenance. Pale metal fence is produced from the material with a high-quality polymer coating, resistant to UV and weathering. It keeps its original appearance during the whole the service life and does not require periodic painting like wooden fence.

Durability. Fences have an additional rib for robustness increasing.

Aesthetics. Fence looks attractive and original due to fashion-shaped upper edge.

Ability to create a double-faced fencing. Using pale metal fence enclosure can be formed from both sides. For this purpose fences coated on both sides could be used or fences could be installed on both sides in front of each other or in staggered order.

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