About company

About company Europrofline

Company Europrofline was organized with the aim of producing a wide range of high quality roll forming equipment using modern technologies in the shortest time.

The Company was founded by a group of enthusiasts and top professionals who had worked in the production of roofing and facade materials from thin sheet steel for many years.

We produce high-quality competitive product, which we are not ashamed, and want our equipment has become a reliable partner of your business, creating a maximum level of comfort for you! 

Developing as a multibusiness company, we are expanding our activities from equipment production to product delivery and implementation of turn-key basis projects.

The strategic goal of our Company is 

becoming of Europrofline as the leader in roll forming industry in Ukraine and near abroad, acting on an equal footing with major leaders in the global markets.

  • Flexible system<br> of discounts Flexible system
    of discounts
  • 100% <br>product quality 100%
    product quality
  • Wide<br> range Wide
  • 4 plants around the world
  • 190 Professionals in their field
  • 34 produced equipment a year
  • 10 Years of market leadership
Cooperating with us, you get:
  • rapid processing of orders;
  • Individual approach to every customer;
  • development of design documentation;
  • product manufacturing;
  • quality supervision installation and staff training;
  • deadlines of production and delivery;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.
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Our employees
Viktoria Bashkova
Viktoria Bashkova President of Company
Vitali Stadnik
Vitali Stadnik Chief Executive Officer
Alexandr Alekseevets
Alexandr Alekseevets Head of Sales Department
Diplomas and certificates
Metall-Expo 2016 Metall-Expo 2016
Work with us
Russian Federation Russian Federation
Poland Poland
Belarus Belarus
Romania Romania
Moldova Moldova
Georgia Georgia
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
Tajikistan Tajikistan
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Finland Finland
Kazakhstan  Kazakhstan
Ukraine Ukraine
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