Line for metal profiled sheeting and metal decking production
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Types of produced sheet profile: roofing and wall. Types of corrugations: trapezoidal and wavy. The height of profile’s corrugation from 8 to 114 mm and its high-quality allow easily rival with analogues of leading manufacturers.

Line for metal profiled sheeting and metal decking production
  • Decoiler – 1 pc
  • Roll forming mill – 1 pc
  • Guillotine shears – 1 pc
  • Receiving roller table – 1 pc
  • Control cabinet – 1 pc
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Parameter's or size's name The value or setting
Process material Galvanized sheet steel from continuous lines, coil rolled sheet material with protective decorative paint-and-lacquer coating (domestic and imported production)
Thickness of process material 0,5-1,2 mm
Breadth / width of the workpiece 1250 mm
Profile heights 8-153 mm
Profiling speed 15 running meter/minute
Cutting accuracy ± 2 mm
Type of decoiler Rack electromechanical, with frequency converter
Decoiler load-lifting capacity 8 000 kg
Operation mode Semiautomatic
Drive Electromechanical, worm gear motor
Gear Chain
Control cabinet Secures automatic operation after loading raw material into roll forming mill; equipped with frequency converter
Maintenance staff 2 persons
Rated power 10,5-30,5 kW

Metal profiled sheeting and metal decking production line

These lines allowing to produce high-quality metal profiling sheeting and decking for the wide range of floor and roof applications with a trapezoidal and wavy corrugations (height from 6 to 114 mm), competitive with a products from world leading manufacturers.

Lines from Europrofline are unified (frames, mill stands, cutter units) for manufacturing in the shortest time. One mill allows to produce one type profiles, but with a different workpiece width and/or for different applications (roof or wall).

On Client’s request it is possible to make customization, e.g. cassette type mills or double-deck mills for workspace optimization.

We guarantee high-quality finished products due to the automatic control system.Process accuracy tracking system allows you to control end product conformity to specified requirements and adjust equipment operation mode to increase production efficiency.

Optional equipment:

  • Loading truck.

  • Device for film deposition.

  • ”Volatile” cutting device.

  • Conveyor and additional receiving roller table

  • 3D cutting device


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