Line for «Sandwich» panels production
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The line is intended to produce wall and roof sandwich-panels with mineral-wool heater. Possibility to use panels from various thermal and soundproof materials.

Line for «Sandwich» panels production
  • Decoiler – 1 pc
  • Roll forming machine – 1 pc
  • Control cabinet – 1 pc
  • Guillotine shears – 1 pc
  • Shape forming roller table (nonpowered) -1 pc
  • Turn-over table – 1 pc
  • Glue applying device – 1 pc
  • Press-furnase (conformator) – 1 pc
  • Roller table – 2 pc
  • Unit for facing «Sandwich-panels» with a device for dust removal – 1 pc
  • Device of dismissal basaltic flag– 1 pc
  • Device for the selection of slot in lateral lamels – 1 pc
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  • Description
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Parameter's or size's name The value or setting
Treated material Galvanized sheet steel from continuous lines, mineral wool board (domestic or imported production)
Thickness of treated material 0,45-0,5 mm
Dimensions of treated mineral wool, max Width – 800 мм; Thickness – 150 мм
Panel formed by Wall
width 1200 mm
length 2000-6000 мм
thickness 50-200 mm (pitch 25 mm)
Speed of profiling Element-wise – 200 m2/shift; continuous – 500 m2/shift
Lifting capacity of decoiler 8000 kg
Type of the line Stand
Maintenance personnel 4-5 persons
Fixed power (capacity) of the line 70,0 kW

Line for «Sandwich» panels production

This line is designed for production of sandwich panels for wall and roof applications from thin-sheet steel with mineral wool insulation (different thermal and sound insulation materials could be used). Facing layers on both sides allow to protect heat-insulating mass. Fabricated end-products are suitable for industrial and civil constructions and buildings.

Europrofline offering lines with a different levels of complexity, so elementwise or continuous production cycle of sandwich panels with variable performance and hand work percent is possible to implement.

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