Services to our products
  • Development of technical specifications
    Development of technical specifications

    Each customer and each order - are unique. We produce the equipment, which brings you the most benefit and income.
    Development of technical task accurately determines the parameters permissible ranges and characteristics that fit your main goal.
    You can create different sections in the specification to suit your needs: the necessary technical specifications, types and thickness of metal, terms of manufacturing, assembly, etc.

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  • Installation supervision
    Installation supervision

    Installation of sophisticated equipment that works in heavy conditions and earns money for you, often requires specific knowledge and skills. At the same time, in the absence of such a professional, in the best case, the start-up of equipment is accompanied by a significant excess of the terms.
    Saving on installation supervision leads to further huge losses. Everyone must do their job.
    Our company offers you a range of services for installation supervision and commissioning works, namely for commissioning specialist of our company alone produces assembly, installation, connection, testing, commissioning and testing of all blanks to be commissioning the equipment.
    Our company provides all the necessary specialists - from engineers to the workers.

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  • Expert visit by our specialist for troubleshooting.
    Expert visit by our specialist for troubleshooting.

    If you have questions on the operation of the equipment, you can invite our expert to diagnose operation of your equipment.
    After the diagnosis of the equipment, the specialist will provide you with a full report. If necessary repairs, our experts will offer you possible solutions and make every effort to ustaneniya malfunction of equipment.
    If you have a question about operation and maintenance of your equipment - click on the button "Contact Manager" and fill out the required fields for the formation of an application. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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  • Customer personnel training
    Customer personnel training

    Receiving of the new equipment is often necessary to train personnel to implement new production tasks.
    Our company offers to train the customer's personnel, which provides:
    - Theoretical training;
    - The study of flow charts and instructions for use;
    - Practical skills of maintenance and repair.
    Timing and training program agreed with the Customer and approved by them.
    Training is free of charge if the customer with a contract for the supply of products.

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  • Warranty service
    Warranty service

    Our primary goal in front of the customer - the finest performance delivered by us equipment.

    We offer a full spectrum of services for technical, warranty (12 months.) And post-warranty service.

    We provide professional technical support and comprehensive support during the entire period of operation of the equipment.

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