«Europrofline» on «Metal-Expo’2016»

«Europrofline» on «Metal-Expo’2016»

In November 2016 «Europrofline» participated as exhibitor with own booth in 22nd International Industrial Exhibition «Metal-Expo’2016» in Moscow. It was significant event for us, where we announced «Europrofline» as a strong competitor for the entire market of roll forming equipment manufacturers, as well as a reliable partner for our customers.

Products that we offering:

- Lines for metal tiling production

- Lines for rectangular and round gutter systems production

- Lines for round and straight ridge cap production

- Lines for metal profiled sheeting production

- Lines for sandwich panels production

- Lines for metal siding production

- Lines for metal pale fence production

- Automatic lines for longitudinal/cross cutting of coiled steel

- Automatic lines for metal structural C,U,Z-profiles production

- Lines for reinforcing metal profiles production

- Automatic lines for metal sections and profiles production for gypsum plasterboard assembly (KNAUF)

- Lines for metal screed strip and spackling angle production

- Combined lines for metal finishing accessories production

- Lines for KNAUF profile brackets, fasteners and connectors production


«Europrofline» providing not only roll forming equipment, but first and foremost cost efficiency and effectiveness for our customers, which leads to strengthening of their competitive positions in the market by finished products prime cost reduction without compromising quality. We demonstrated a completely new approach in the production of such equipment by maximizing the scope of application and performance capabilities of our equipment taking into account required thickness of process metal, steel grades and surface covering.

On own booth we demonstrated the entire spectrum of our capabilities. «Europrofline» booth attracted attention of many visitors to our company and products, which allowed to demonstrate the best features of our products and discuss technical details with our experts.

During exhibition we met with existing customers, conducted negotiations at round tables where our customers were able to share their experience and give important advices to each other, became acquainted with new potential customers, who were attracted by interesting technical solutions of our engineers.

«Europrofline» Company expresses gratitude to the exhibition organizers for the high-quality and large-scale event, see you next year!